Brocade SAN switch Porterrshow sayaçlarının açıklamaları

Brocade SAN switch için porterrshow komutu, her bir portun istatistiklerini gösterir; örneğin Bayt, Çıkış Bayt ve hata sayısı vb. Daha fazla sorun giderme komutu için, bkz. Brocade SAN switch, sorun giderme komutları. Porterrshow örnek çıktı: FID1:admin> porterrshow           frames      enc    crc    crc    too    too    bad    enc   disc   link   loss   loss   frjt   fbsy    c3timeout    pcs       … Okumaya devam et Brocade SAN switch Porterrshow sayaçlarının açıklamaları

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Latest HP ILO firmwares

Here you can download the most recent HP iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) firmware files I could find on the HP’s website : *UPDATED* 2017-07-26 ILO1 : ilo196.bin (30-Apr-2014) ILO2 : ilo2_229.bin (07-Oct-2015) ILO3 : ilo3_188.bin (iLO3 v 1.88.8 13-Jul-2016) ILO4 : ilo4_254.bin(iLO4 v 2.54.1 15-Jun-2017) *Note* i got “Notice of Copyright Infringement” from HP for hosting… Okumaya devam et Latest HP ILO firmwares

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Cisco SAN Zoning using CLI

Consider following examples:- Switches = SW0 (Fabric – A), SW1 (Fabric – B) Storage Initiator  =  SOBOSANCX4_SPA1 Storage PWWN = 50:06:01:62:39:a0:3d:64 Host HBA = CORALHOST_HBA0 Host PWWN = 21:00:00:1b:32:13:a8:9f Active ZoneSet = SOBO_U2_SW0_Config VSAN = 100 Do the following setups in Fabric – A (SW0) 1). Create device alias for Storage Initiator and Host HBA… Okumaya devam et Cisco SAN Zoning using CLI


EMC Celerra

How to Collect Celerra suport Material nasadmin@nar]$ /nas/tools/collect_support_materials collect_support_materials[29843]: The collection script revision 2.8.4 has started. Collecting /nas/log/*, /nas/log/webui/*, /nas/ConnectHome/* and /nas/jserver/logs Collecting output from server_log Collecting output from internal commands Collecting event log configuration files Collecting files from .etc dir of each DM Collecting Mirrorview DR logs Collecting /var logs Collecting upgrade logs Collecting… Okumaya devam et EMC Celerra

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EMC isilon Troubleshooting Commands

Troubleshooting Commands Here are some some useful Isilon commands to assist you in troubleshooting Isilon storage array issues. Grep the log for stalled drives on the isilon cluster      cat /var/log/messages |grep -o ‘stalled: [0-9,*:]*’|sort |uniq -c (Stalled drives are bad, and can cause cluster problems. you could also run this command on the individual nodes /var/log/restripe.log… Okumaya devam et EMC isilon Troubleshooting Commands